Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

bloons5_titleCome one, come all, fans of tower defense games! If you’re bored and looking for a simple yet entertaining way to kill time, look no further: Bloons Tower Defense 5 delivers just that. It’s a free flash-based game hosted on NinjaKiwi, a website dedicated to online games. For those unfamiliar with tower defense games, the universal mechanics are simple: the player must build towers on a field, eliminate waves of enemies and do whatever it takes to prevent the enemies from getting through to their goal. The mechanics of Bloons Tower Defense 5 are no different, albeit simplified compared to other big-name tower defense games. But that’s not to say that the game is strictly for casual players, because it does get increasingly difficult.

If we speak about the difference between the 5th version and the previous one, we will notice, that there are a lot of new upgrades to the gameplay as well as the game itself.  For example the towers, can now be upgraded in 8 various ways, there are a lot of new type of bloons that are stronger and need more skills to pop them. The gameplay and design has also changed a lot, now people can enjoy the awesome graphics of the game. I think, that BTD5 is the most outstanding version of the game, but you may not agree with me, just try playing the previous versions of the game here, we have all of them available for free.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is already a big game, all things considered. The amount of content this game has can be considered overwhelming for an online strategy game, to say the least. With the BTD 5, players are entitled to even more upgrades and maps, as well as a couple of new towers and game modes.